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  • Jennifer Counter


    Education: Houston Baptist University, BS in Multidisciplinary Studies with a specialization in Social Studies

    Certifications: All Subjects Generalist Certification (Early Childhood-4th grade), All Subjects Generalist Certification (4th- 8th grade), and English as a Second Language Certification (Kindergarten-12th grade).

    Specializations/Honors: Gifted and Talented Trained (FBISD). Nominated for The Elementary Candidate of the Year, Nominated for The Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics Teaching, Winner of The Campus Award for Classroom Excellence, Nominated for The HEB Excellence In Education Award, Nominated for the ESL Teacher of the Year Award

    Teaching Experience: Pre-Kindergarten (all subjects), 2nd Grade (all subjects), 3rd Grade (Math and Science), 3rd Grade (Technology), 5th Grade (Math and Science), 5th Grade (Reading and Social Studies), 5th Grade (Latin), 4th Grade (Writing), 6th Grade (Reading), 7th Grade (Writing), 7th & 8th Grade (Special Education: Emotionally Disturbed Classroom) 

  • Ebony Kennedy

    Education: University of Texas at Dallas, BS in Interdisciplinary Studies
    California University of Pennsylvania, MS in Sports Management

    Certifications: Special Education Certification (Early Childhood-12th grade), English as a Second Language Certification (Kindergarten-12th gradee), Physical Education Certification (Kindergarten-12th grade), Core Subjects Certification- Math, Reading, Science (Kindergarten-6th grade)

    Specializations/Honors: English as a Second Language Certification (Kindergarten-12th grade), 2017 Middle School Teacher of the Year 

    Teaching Experience: 6th grade (Bilingual Math, Social Studies, and Language Arts), 6th- 8th Grade (Special Education-Resource: Science, Social Studies, Math)6th- 8th Grade (Physical Education)6th- 8th Grade (Self-contained alternative class for students with behavior issues)

  • Kayla Schaefer


    University of Texas at San Antonio, BA in Interdisciplinary Studies 

    Generalist K- 6th Grade
    English as a Second Language K- 6th Grade

    English as a Second Language

    Teaching Experience:

    3rd Grade Reading, Writing and Social Studies

    3rd - 5th Grade Reading Staar Tutor


  • Lisa Marshall





    Teaching Experience:



  • Tina Faris

    Education: Studies 



    Teaching Experience:


  • Nika Maxwell

    Education: Texas State University, BS Education  

    Certifications: Science Generalist Certification (4th-8th grade) 

    Specializations/Honors: Special Education Certification (EC-12), English as a Second Language Certification (Kindergarten-12th grade)

    Teaching Experience: 5th grade, 6th grade, 7th grade, and 8th grade (Language Arts & Reading and Special Education), 7th grade and 8th grade (Science)

  • Andrea Miller

    Education:  University of Phoenix, BS in Business Management    

    Certifications:  Special Education (Kindergarten -12) English as a Second Language ( Kindergarten - 12)    

    Specializations/Honors: Read 180 Specialist

    Teaching Experience:  6th, 7th & 8th Grade Resource Classroom- Science, SS, Language Arts, & Reading

  • Paul Decosta

    Education: Lincoln University, Bachelor of Science General Science Degree, Physics 

    Certifications: High School Science (9th-12th) grade Certification 

    Teaching Experience: 9th & 10th grade (Algebra I & II), (Chemistry), (Biology), (Physics), (Earth Science) and (Pre Calculus)

  • Nicole Andres

    Education: University of North Carolina, Bachelors Degree and Masters in Special Education

    Certifications: Special Education: Kindergarten- 12th grade

    Specializations/Honors: Elementary Education: Kindergarten- 6th grade All Subjects 
    Certified in Math 6th-8th grade

    Teaching Experience: Taught 6th-8th grade (Special Education- Inclusion and Resource); Middle School (Science) and (Math); 5th grade (Math); and High School (Algebra I)

  • Tina Krenek




    Teaching Experience: 

  • Yen Nguyen


    University of Houston, BS Economics, Minor in math

    University of Houston, MS Applied Economics


    Math 8th-12th grade

    Teaching Experience:

     8th grade Math (Pre Algebra)
    10th grade Math(Algebra)
    11th grade Math (Algebra 2)

  • Crystal Krolczyk

    University of Houston- BS in Psychology
    University of St. Thomas - Alternative Teacher Certification
    Lamar University-Masters in School Counseling

    English Language Arts and Reading - 7th-12th Grade
    Generalist in Core Subjects of Math, Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts - 4th - 8th Grade
    ESL Certification - K-12th Grade

    2011-2012 Teacher of the Year

    Teaching Experience:
    6th Grade - Social Studies and Language Arts
    6th - 8th Grade - ESL - Reading and English
    7th Grade - Reading
    8th Grade - Language Arts

  • Inga Latson

    University of Houston/Downtown
    BS in Interdisciplinary

    Studies Certification:
    4-8 Generalist (All Core Subjects)
    4-8 English As A Second Language

    Certification Honors and Recognitions:
    2008 Rookie Teacher of the Year
    2015 Teacher of the Year Runner Up
    2016 Nominated for Teacher of the Year
    2017 Nominated for Teacher of the Year
    2018 Nominated for Teacher of the Year

    Teaching Experience & Specialization:
    Grades 4th-5th (Reading/Language Arts & Social Studies)
    8th Pre-AP Reading & Laguage Arts
    AP English Exam Prep (High School)
    Guided Reading & Writing (Elementary-Middle School)

  • Sudeshna Lahiry

    Education- MS in Oceanography, Texas A&M University, MS in Computer Applications, University of Calcutta, India, BS in Computer Science, University of Calcutta, India, Minor in Physics and Math

    Certifications- Math and Science 4th grade-8th grade

    Specialization- none (you can just leave this line off if they have none)

    Teaching Experience- 8th grade Science, 6th grade Science, 7th grade science

  • Allison Farris


    Studies Certification:

    Certification Honors and Recognitions:

    Teaching Experience & Specialization: 

  • Jacqueline Oakes


    Studies Certification:

    Certification Honors and Recognitions:

    Teaching Experience & Specialization: 

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