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  • "We lived in Mexico City for two years and coming back to the United States was a bit hard for my son. But he started going to tutoring with Ms. Jennifer and she helped him with reading, writing, and math during 5th grade. Right away he started to feel more confident in the three subjects. Currently, she is helping my son with reading and writing in six grade too. Ms. Jennifer is very caring and patient. She has lots of experience and is very communicative to the parents and always has good tips to give us to help our son in school. She also helped my daughter in first grade for three months and when we stopped going, my daughter was sad about not taking any more tutoring classes with her! We truly recommend Ms. Jennifer and her company as a tutor!"

    Rating: The Martinez-Campos Family

  • “We moved to Texas in the middle of the school year and my girls were WAY behind. They were learning multiplication when we moved and when we got here the class was learning division! I hired Jenny for six lessons before the STAAR test. Both of my girls scored in the exceeded expectations category on the test and have had straight A’s ever since then. Working with Jenny was the best thing we could have done! I highly recommend her and her services!”

    Rating: The Johnson Family

  • “My daughter has struggled with math for the last few years. Since we started tutoring with Ms.Counter she has gained confidence in herself and her abilities. The one on one attention that she receives from Jennifer has helped pin point areas of concern that other teachers were never able to find. She was able to connect with my daughter, and somehow manages to make it so my daughter actually never wants to skip a session! I asked my daughter how many stars out of five I should give Ms.Counter and she said definitely six!”

    Rating: The Syed Family

  • “Our experience with Ms. Counter's tutoring was outstanding. We moved from another state and our 3rd grader was struggling with his math and reading. Ms. Counter took the time to study our son and come up with a plan of action that met his needs. She was extremely patient and took the time to review areas that he found difficult. She never forced him to move on until he was confident in himself. Truly, he went from failing grades to highest B's and some A's. Most importantly he gained confidence in himself, completed and passed his first STAAR exam. Without a doubt, I highly recommend Ms. Counter for any tutoring.”

    Rating: Kelly Kraenick

  • "Miss Counter was heaven sent! My daughter Kaylen was really struggling in math her 4th grade year. She lacked the confidence she needed to believe that she could do the work. Kaylen started going to Miss Counter at the end of this past school year and since then her math skills has improved tremendously. She diligently worked with Kaylen to get her where she needed to be so that she would have a great start to 5th grade math. Kaylen's confidence level has improved greatly and it shows in her work. She is no longer hesitant to do her math assignments. Miss Counter is passionate about what she does for her students. Thank you Miss Counter for caring so much about my daughter's success."

    Rating: Kimberly Mack

  • "I met Ms. Counter two years ago. Even though my daughter was getting good grades, I noticed that her reading needed improvement. Katy ISD is a pretty competitive school district and it is very important for our kids to have a strong foundation, specially in reading and math. It is very possible for a child, in such a competitive environment to have gaps in reading, math or any other subject. Ms. Counter was able to identified those gaps in my daughter, and filled them in such a way that she started gaining more confidence, became more motivated, and her grades in all subjects improved. After tutoring with Ms. Counter for the year, Brianna's reading STAAR test result s also became advanced! Most of all she trusts Ms. Counter, we all do!"

    Gonzalez Family

  • "Ms. Jenny has worked with our son since Jan 2016 in English & Math. Having come from the UK, he struggled with some differences between the two school systems. She worked hard to help him identify the learning gaps & worked on them before preparing him for STAAR Tests. His grades improved in both subjects from average to advanced! We have found Ms. Jenny to be very approachable & down to earth. She is easy to talk to & is always happy to answer any questions we have. She also explains things well & has a friendly professional manner. When we asked our son what he thought of her he said, "She is fun & I feel relaxed when she tutors me & she is very good at her job." He also said that she used lots of techniques to help him learn & also gave him some good tips for learning in all subjects. Ms. Jenny has also been flexible & understanding when we had to re-schedule a lesson due to illness or trips away. She tries her best to offer you different time slots when needed. We are going to continue with her for a second year. I would recommend Ms. Jenny for tutoring as we have had a very positive experience!"

    Macleod Family

  • "Having the Math tutor from Counter's Tutoring Connection help me, was a source of hope for me at a time when I was regularly failing tests and quizzes due to a lack of understanding of the fundamentals. My tutor had a real talent for knowing exactly what concept I was missing and was able to explain to me with great clarity-using several approaches if I needed it- to really solidify a greater understanding. On top of that, he had a wide range of knowledge spanning from simple Algebra all the way to complex Trigonometry."

    Dylan Alen, Katy ISD

  • "Ms. Counter helped my 3rd grader fill in some gaps in math and restored her confidence in herself. She passed the STAAR with flying colors and now she does her homework without tears and frustration. We highly recommend Ms. Country's tutoring."

    Kody West

  • "We used CTC all year for ALG2. Our son's grades increased immediately and he also gained the confidence he needed. It's hard finding the right tutor time with sports but we found flexibility when needed!"

    The Diaz Family

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